Gabriela is a personal development advisor, seasoned exmat and upcoming author.

She works with women from all walks of life, in how to diagnose their development needs and how to make shift happen to build a life they love – internally empowered, more present, improve their relationships, and experience progress that is rich and fulfilling.

Gabriela has mastered the art of launching and managing life under extreme change with 17 moves along California, Atlanta, Texas, Connecticut, Singapore and Spain. She also experienced life in Germany and in London as an English proficiency student.

She combines over 10 years of experience in managing change and leading a family through global transitions, 6 years of training in personal development and 10 years of experience in the private and non-profit sector in strategy and operations to guide women achieve success on their own terms.
In her upcoming book Exmatriate, Gabriela explores the emotions and demands of extreme change, the heavy lifting of single-parenting and the burden of solitude women face in any International assignment. She introduces seven strategies she developed and designed in a way that will contribute to help women build a life they love, move from ego to essence and lead their life and their family feeling empowered.

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